About Gulbarn


Melaleuca citrolens also known as Gulbarn, has been used as a bush remedy for healing coughs and colds by the Alawa people of the Northern Territory for thousands of years. Traditionally Gulbarn was brewed to drink, inhaled or used for bathing. On Country today, people still use it in baths for people who are ill and to improve a baby’s immune system. High in antioxidants, it can be brewed as a hot tea or served as a refreshing iced tea.


Gulbarn grows wild across the savanna eco-system, a vast landscape spreading across much of the Northern Territory of Australia. The leaves for Gulbarn tea are hand-picked by families in the Aboriginal community of Minyerri on Alawa Country, who have been involved in the sustainable management of this native medicinal plant since time immemorial. The community play a leading role in bio-diversity conservation, ensuring Gulbarn is collected inline with their cultural values and traditional ecological knowledge.