Is Gulbarn an Aboriginal-owned business?

Gulbarn was founded in 2013 after a conversation in Minyerri between Alawa woman Samara Billy and Laura Egan, founder of Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP). 

When Laura mentioned she had a cold, a cup of Gulbarn was offered as a remedy--a kind gesture which has resulted in a successful and collaborative partnership for over seven years. 

As you may have already read, Alawa people have been harvesting Gulbarn for thousands of years, using it as a traditional bush medicine for healing colds, coughs and stomach aches. Samara and her family are the Traditional Owners of land surrounding Minyerri--the land on which Gulbarn is harvested. 

Gulbarn has moved through various stages of business establishment and governance. Originally set up as a business subsidiary of ELP, Gulbarn was registered as a stand-alone business in 2019, 100% owned by ELP for administrative purposes.

Gulbarn is currently in a transitional phase towards official joint ownership. It was the Minyerri community’s request that ELP remain a partner and co-owner and that Gulbarn become a joint venture between ELP and the Minyerri Arts and Cultural Centre (MACC). 

MACC is an ORIC registered corporation and 100% of its directors and members are Aboriginal people from the Minyerri community, including Samara and her family. 

By mid-2021, we will have rewritten the Gulbarn constitution to better reflect the company’s operation and transitioned to the 50:50 ownership structure.  

Enterprise Learning Projects is an Indigenous-controlled not-for-profit organisation that works with remote Aboriginal communities, running a yearly incubation program and, in some cases, offering ongoing business support. You can read more about ELP and its work at www.elp.org.au 

Currently, all Gulbarn profits are retained in the business and any future profits will be reinvested by Gulbarn’s non-profit shareholders into creating further impacts for the Minyerri community, and further impacts for other remote Aboriginal communities through enterprise. 

ELP continues to separately support any costs associated with ELP staff/facilitators supporting Samara and the Minyerri community on Country.

Can I get a wholesale account?

We are always looking to partner with likeminded people who share our passion and commitment. If you would like to know more about our wholesale offering, please email us - hello@gulbarn.com.au 

Can I buy Gulbarn tea in bulk?

We offer 250g bulk bags in our shop. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, we do offer larger quantities at wholesale rates. Please get in touch to discuss (see above).

Do you ship overseas?

We don't currently ship Gulbarn overseas or sell it to international customers. We are anticipating to be able to do so in late 2021 however. Please sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out when we can!