Our Story


Gulbarn is a business that brings the leaves of the melaleuca citrolens plant to the market as a herbal tea. Known as Gulbarn in the Alawa language, it has traditionally been used as a bush medicine for thousands of years. Gulbarn presents an opportunity for Alawa people to harness their land and cultural assets towards self-determination and economic empowerment, while presenting the rest of the world with the unique gift of enjoying a cup of Gulbarn Tea.

It’s important to us to share Alawa culture, with the world, so that it can be widely valued and celebrated (and in this way kept strong).

Gulbarn is a registered business name held by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP), a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, and governed by a board of directors. The idea for Gulbarn was conceived by co-founders Samara Billy and Laura Egan in May 2013.

Gulbarn’s aspiration is to grow into enterprise that connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to culture and country, while at the same time creating economic opportunities for Alawa people living in the remote community of Minyerri. 


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